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Airdrie Stars Athletic Association

Welcome to the Airdrie Stars Athletic Association. The Airdrie Stars is a volunteer-run not-for-profit spring hockey society focused on keeping costs as low as possible for our athletes while providing the best possible instruction.  Year over year, we look to simply breakeven, returning every registration dollar back to the development of our young athletes.

Please contact us if you are interested in starting your own team or want to know more about us!

Spring Hockey

Develop your hockey player's skill thru certified ​coaching & development in a team setting: ​ ​

  • 21 + Hours On Ice: Practice, Game Play & Instruction
  • Includes a minimum 2 tournaments or funds that can be applied to skills coaching (tournament/pro-coaching funds assume a full roster of 17 players)
  • Average of 6+ exhibition games (or extended practices)
  • Jersey with name/number & socks provided
  • Create strong team & family bonds through a hard work ethic & positive attitude while having fun
  • Full disclosure of all related costs, decisions and organization direction
  • Individual teams may elect to modify the program to suit the team needs
  • Membership costs (estimated, excluding credit card processing):
    • $675 for 2016-2010
    • $750 for the 2009 groups (includes additional checking instruction) 
    • $715 for the 2008 and 2007 groups (to cover insurance)
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Airdrie Stars Athletic Association